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Taber MacCallum
SEPTEMBER 2013 - Fueling Inspiration and Understanding Radiation - Issue #3 Broadcast

This is the September Edition of Red Planet Radio, which contains three exciting interviews. 

Tune into our interview with Taber MacCallum of Inspiration Mars, announcing the exciting news of the recently founded University Architecture contest, as well as the latest Details around the Inspiration Mars Fly-by Mission.  Taber was the Principal Investigator on four micro-gravity experiments on the Space Shuttle, Mir Space Station and International Space Station using Paragon's patented Autonomous Biological System, a long duration plant and aquatic animal life support system and has supported numerous other biological experiments on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He conceived and is presently involved in the design of a Mars space suit portable life support system technology funded by NASA, life support and thermal control systems for commercial manned orbital and suborbital spacecraft, as well as hazardous environment life support technology for U.S. Navy divers. In 2008, Popular Science named MacCallum Inventor of the Year. 
(Background Courtesy of Wikipedia)

During this show, we also attempted a first co-operative radio program interview, between Red Radio and an interview provided by Doug Turnbull of host of Mars Pirate Radio as he interviewed fiction writer Jerry Oltion.

And our final interview was with Dr. Brian Hanley, Author of the book “Radiation - Exposure and its treatment, geared to help us understand more about what's really faced in the travel across deep space to our destination Mars.

This is the August 2013 broadcast of Red Planet Radio, which includes three interviews -  a co-interview with Dr. Jim Rice, a leading NASA planetary scientist and Astrogeologist who has participated in geology work on every part of the globe. Jim has been part of the selection process for landing sites for the Mars Rover programs, including the 10 year record setting Rover, Opportunity. Currently Jim is assigned to projects with the Planetary Science Institute.

Our second interview is with  Joe Palalia,  the Crew Commander for the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, 2013 Field Season Director for the Mars Arctic 365 Mission. In July of 2013, the First Phase of the Mars Arctic Mission was completed and the station was updated for next years events. Joe helps us understand what the risks and opportunities are for this very important effort.

And our third interview includes updates for the upcoming school year, where Nicole Willett discusses the various efforts put forth by the Mars society education task force.  Nicole is the Director of the Education Team leasing various efforts on a national basis to promote the Humans-To-Mars campaign and help teachers to create curriculum and classroom objectives, that enhances the education of Mars for students.


Dr. Rice is a respected scientist and a rover science team member with a Ph.D. in Astrogeology from Arizona State University. Jim is an astrogeologist whose work has taken him to every continent on the globe. Among the many activities he does as part of his work at NASA, some of Dr. Rice's favorites include participating in Desert R.A.T.S and working with the Mars rovers.

The Inaugural broadcast of Red Planet Radio includes two interviews - the first with Dr. Chris McKay, a leading NASA planetary scientist and astrobiologist, and the second with Kevin Sloan, Director of the Mars Society’s University Rover Challenge. This first edition also includes an update from Susan Holden Martin about the Mars Arctic 365 Mission, and comments by Nicole Willett about the efforts of the Education Task Force and the upcoming Mars STEM Education program at the 16th Annual International Mars Society Convention in Boulder.


Dr. McKay is a respected scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center and is known for his work in the fields of astrobiology, planetary atmospheres, terraforming and planning for the human exploration of Mars.  He was recently appointed as a member of the Mars Society’s Mars Arctic 365 science team, which is preparing a detailed science program for a Mars one-year surface simulation mission, scheduled to begin next year at the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic.  Dr. McKay is also one of the founders of The Mars Underground.

Click here to listen to the the July Inaugural program.

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